Janice + Nora

Last Saturday we finished up a double day event for a wonderful couple, Janice and Nora. These two are truly a pair meant to be. As Janice stated on the video, “..we have conquered everything”. With what they gone through, it seems like they pretty much have. I don’t want to go into details, but I put together this video with Nora’s parent’s in mind and I hope they enjoy this as I did piecing it together. Their wedding started off on Saturday the 28th of July with a colorful Cambodian ceremony. Whenever I do these types of ceremony, the colors of the costumes and jewelry makes me in awe every time. The following Saturday was a traditional Catholic Wedding which was held at St. Phillips Catholic Church in Fullerton and then the beautifully decorated reception was held at Westridge Golf Club in La Habra. Enjoy the semi-SDE Video and Congrats to the beautiful couple!

Elizabeth + Chet

I had the awesome pleasure of doing Liz and Chet’s beautiful wedding. This was one wedding to be remembered for sure. So much love and energy that you can literally feel it when you walk in that reception. Thank you again to the beautiful bride and groom for giving us the opportunity to film your wonderful day. Congrats and enjoy!

Kristine + Christian Wedding Highlight

Kristine (Tin as we call her) and Christian could not have been a more perfect couple. We’ve known Kristine since we were young and it was truly an honor to film her special day. Kristine is the same fun loving, lighthearted, kind person we all love and Christian is the perfect compliment to her bubbly personality. Both are very in love and the wedding was truly a party to celebrate their union as one. Congratulations Tin and Christian we look forward to what the future has in store for the both of you.

Cintya + Ernesto

Cintya and Ernesto are such fun loving, down to earth people. We shot their intimate wedding in downtown Pasadena on a Wednesday night and you can tell by the Captain America undershirt Ernesto is wearing that this couple truly knows what being happy is. Nothing but smiles and a few tears were shared between the bride, groom and guests. Instead of a grand entrance the couple chose to do a grand exit. Check it out at the end of the video. Congrats you two! may the force be with you!

Elaine + Steve

My crew and I had the pleasure of filming a wedding for one of my little brother’s best friend, Steve and his beautiful bride, Elaine. I’ve known Steve since way back when my brother and him use to hang out when they were like 9 or 10 years old. I haven’t seen him in a while and it’s really great to see that he has done well for himself. And by meeting Elaine, he really did very well. Elaine and her friends were very sweet and awesome to work with. Let me just add, I knew so much guest at this wedding that I felt like it was a reunion for me! Even though Same Day Edit’s are kinda stressful at times, it was very rewarding to see and hearing old friends commenting on how great your work was. Thanks guys! Congrats again to the both of you and thank you for giving us the honor of letting us be part of your special day. Anyway here is the vid.. Enjoy!

Mintra + Alex

What a gorgeous day to film a very special wedding for two very special people: Alex and Mintra. The couple is amazing in their own right and Mintra is one of the nicest and kindest brides we have had the pleasure to work with. We started the shoot very early in the morning to capture one of Alex’s passions in life. The night ended at Michael’s Tuscany Room in San Pedro. Both the reception and ceremony were held in one place and to see the happy couple take their vows in front of very close friends and family was truly an experience words could not explain. The wedding party was greeted with a very special game from the bride and groom and it made for an epic battle of a childhood favorite pastime. Congratulations Alex and Mintra. Thank you for letting ScenEmotion films capture this moment in your lives.

Cecile + Lester

So last St. Patrick’s Day weekend, we had the honor of doing Cecile and Lester’s wedding.  I honestly thought the rain was going to be a challenge for us, but it wasn’t even bad at all.  The sun crept through the clouds sporadically, which makes a great recipe for a time-lapse scene of the clouds. On top of that, we work with an awesome couple too that made filming absolutely fun for us. Aside from the wonderful church and reception venue, there was one thing that probably made this wedding the most memorable one for us.  I don’t want to spoil it.  I’ll let you guys watch it and you’ll see what I’m talking about (hint: Irish + 50cent).  Anyway, I just want to say thanks to our film crew; Event Shop (coordinator) for doing a smooth job on coordinating everything; and to the Mr. talented Ja Tecson for letting me borrow some proposal scenes.  Last but not least, to the beautiful couple, Cecile and Lester.  Thank you for choosing us to film your special and wonderful event!  Congrats again!

Joy + Edwin

What a wonderful way to end the year of 2011 by doing an elegant wedding at the beautiful Laguna Beach. To top it off, a perfect weather on the month of December! This was a last minute booking. And even though I didn’t really get a chance to get to know these couple prior to shooting their special day, I felt like we had already had a connection. I can’t really explain it, but it’s just something you feel. Thanks to you both for letting us film your special and wonderful day! I like to thank my crew Monica, Pat, Hiram, and Bob for doing a wonderful job this year. Also thanks to Kevin Bautista, for helping out! Looking forward to having you shoot with us in the future!

Kim + Romar

Kim told me that their wedding would be something nice and simple.  Now I don’t know about simple, but I do know that their wedding was very nice.  It was a humbling experience for us to film such a wonderful wedding.  From the gold and silver jewelry laced with sparkly diamonds to the vibrant and multi-colored costumes and decors around the house, their event was a delightfully exquisite shoot for me.  Thank you Kim and Romar for allowing us to be are part of your special day.  Once again thanks to my wonderful crew as always.  Also thanks to the wonderful and creative peeps, Christopher David and Kimberly Valencia with Night Spot Photography.  Enjoy!

Carla + Jorge

This wedding was an event that I have been looking forward to filming.  The story is that my father -in-law linked me up with Jorge, a co-worker that was looking for a videographer (thanks dad).  Jorge emailed me about meeting up with Carla.  It never really happened. Jorge and I kept going back and forth about when we should meet up, but we ended up closing the deal by email and I met with them on the day of their wedding rehearsal, which was the day before the actual event.  To be honest with you, I get kind of nervous when it comes to meeting new clients, because you never know what their going to be like.  However, after talking to Jorge for like a minute or two over the phone, we immediately clicked (I think it had to do with the history of both of us being a deejay at one point in our life).  So when I finally met these two, I was so relieved, because they were one of the nicest and down to earth couple that I have ever met. It was also a pleasure to meet their family and friends who made us feel right at home. This was truly an awesome experience to film at a venue which I’ve always dreamed of filming.  Shout outs to the staff at Pelican Hill for the wonderful vendor hospitality. Also, shout outs to my wonderful crew, Bob, Monica, Hiram, and Pat for doing a great job!  Thanks again to Carla and Jorge for letting us be a part of their special day!