The Story Behind Impressive Creations

Brian Press, the owner and founder of Impressive Creations, got his start in video production many years ago as a professional Bodyboarder (which is similar to surfing). Brian’s father would spend hours at the beach filming Brian and his friends riding waves!. Brian, would then go home, and take that surfing footage, and do his best to edit it together with two VCR’s! (Remember Those?) Brian’s first Bodyboarding


promotional videos were done by him editing between two VCR’s! Years later, Brian, a well rounded, self-taught musician, bought his first Mac in 2000, to pursue a career in music production, sound design video production and Impressive Creations was birthed!

People ask us from time to time, how did you come up with the name Impressive Creations? Here is the short answer: People would receive their music tracks or video and say, wow, this is an Impressive Creation and the name just stock! And to add to that, and most people do not know this, but Brian’s last name, ‘Press’ is actually hidden deep within the company name!


The pursuit of these passions became the foundation of what Impressive Creations is today. Impressive Creations has evolved tremendously over the past 19 years, through Brian’s focus, on growing master teams of highly trained Cinematographers and Film Editors that share his vision for excellence, uniqueness, creativity and a passion for weddings!


The Impressive Creations team has evolved organically, and that the team has shaped and molded Impressive Creations into what it is today. Brian says, personality comes first and secondary is skill.

So, as you watch our films, please remember that each and every member of Brian’s team has been personally selected and maticaliously trained with both equipment and professionalism, to give you a film which you will love and cherish for the rest of your married lives together. This cumulative creative style has evolved into what Impressive Creation is known as today!
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Brian and his team were absolutely a dream to work with! Brian is so professional, gregarious, and very respectful. The one thing that stood out the most was their customer service. When you’re getting married, life is crazy and can be stressful. Many contracts are signed and small details can (at times) fall through the cracks. Impressive Creations was very transparent throughout the entire process! – even asking for our PERMISSION to increase his hours! Thank you Impressive Creations Team for your wonderful talent and being a part of our wedding festivities!

Elieen + Callan